1. Is there a warranty for your products?

    Yes, we have in place a 2 year warranty programme.
  2. Is there a minimum purchase required to qualify for the warranty programme?

    No, there is no minimum purchase required. To enjoy this 2 year warranty programme, you are only required to purchase LED down lights for the entire house.
  3. What is covered under your warranty programme?

    The warranty covers manufacturing defects of products. We will rectify or replace defective products at no extra cost. This 2 year warranty programme also covers 'wear and tear' for items like bulbs, tubes, etc.
  4. When does the warranty commence?

    The warranty programme will commence from the date of delivery, collection, or installation (where applicable).
  5. When are your service hours?

    Service hours will be from Monday to Saturday 9am – 7.30pm.
  6. How long is the average waiting time before my service request is attended to?

    We will attend to your service request within the next working day.
  7. Do you provide post warranty programme services?

    Yes, when the warranty period expires, a transportation fee of $45 and the price of the replacement products will be applicable.
  8. Why should I purchase lighting products from you?

    On top of superior quality and competitively priced lighting solutions, our customers have enjoyed exceptional customer service from our knowledgeable sales personnel.

    Five of our staff having been awarded the Excellent Service Award by SPRING Singapore is a testament to the exceptional service staff have consistently rendered to customers.

    Furthermore, our company is the only retail lighting company that has been accredited the Singapore Service Class, the certification for business excellence niche standard for service.

    With 50,000 satisfied customers currently enjoying or have enjoyed our excellence after-sales service, we believe you will love this premium service as well.
  9. Given the fact that there are many LED lighting manufacturers/brands in the market, why should I purchase LED products from you ?

    Our LED products have been in-house tested for a minimum period of 6 months before they are launched in the market.

    We choose to work with only the top-end LED manufacturers that use the best technology to manufacture their products.
  10. What edge do your LED products offer over your competitors/leading LED brands?

    On top of endurance tests, all LED products are subjected to stringent tests done in an in-house testing facility. This is to ensure that the performance (lux level) of the products does not fall by more than 30%.

    We are confident that we are the only supplier to have done extensive in-house product testing before launching them in the market.